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Punk/Crust/Hardcore Tapes


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BlackMold - Demos Compilation MC - Repressing of both BlackMold demos on one cassette. Includes "Reign in Filth" demo and "BlackMold" 2013 demo. Heavy metal/crust for fans of Axegrinder, Amebix and G.I.S.M. 2 panel J-card + dropcard. Hand numbered out of 100. https://blackmold.bandcamp.com/

Deprogram - Demonstration Tape - 1st press of Deprogram's first demo. Fast d-beat in the style of early Discharge, Sacrilege and Doom. Pro-dubbed and inlayed cassettes, hand numbered out of 100. deprogramoly.bandcamp.com

Hoarder - Buried - Not techinichally and Einsamkeit release but still released by myself, Hoarder is a fast and brutal hardcore band from Olympia. A solid mix of early 80's hardcore with a lot of youth crew influence. Female vocals and strong political/personal lyrics. Pro-dubbed and inlayed cassette with J-card and lyric/photo insert. Hand numbered out of 90.